Force Majeure / Outablue Solutions


Eight years ago, we published a semi-comical, semi-prophetic, semi-biographical short story about you as the hero in a world going mad, sad, doubtful and sideways. The title of the story is Seaworthy. The jist of the metaphorical probable to someday become reality tale is that storms would come upon the island and our hero and business and economics as we all knew it before would never again be the same. Fast forward to today and well…….weird!

Seaworthy is stage setting for the next gen. Setting the stage for the next gen of economies, the next gen of recreation, the next gen of life being recreated more abundant. All of our paradigms have shifted. Now is the present that we’re all being made ready.

Seaworthy shining the highlights of where to next gen! Our cups runneth over! FREE sanitizer is available for those who will share in these efforts of giving away!


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