<strong>State of Broke Refuse</strong>
Poetry / The American Dreamed

State of Broke Refuse

Littering the paper streets Broken vessels Being evaporated of willingness Being dumped onto the heap Refuse to believe Purporting to be recyclers Broken vessels Being prideful glass shards Being found emptied containers Refuse to confess Piling up before the furnace Broken vessels Being opaque of humility Being self righteous liars Refuse to change Refusing our … Continue reading

<strong>The American Dreamed</strong>
Poetry / The American Dreamed

The American Dreamed

Building the American Dream Is a sandcastle of beauty Garnering the attention of all Washed ashore by the next wave Amazed it didn’t stand Saddened by its demise Troubled by the realization Everything pointed this direction Oh, what have we done? Faithfully pursuing riches Resigning ourselves to less Evading the question Falsifying the data Undermining … Continue reading