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Expedition Mach Up

Every now and then, I would wonder – “How did Christopher Columbus do it?” Or, how about Frederick Cook or Robert Peary? Or, how about Neil Armstrong?

How did these great ventures actually become reality? Are these not some of the most amazing entrepreneurs ever? Think of all of the business that transacted for these ventures to come to fruition. And yet, just guessing here, not a one of these ventures was solely a net profit, get rich quick, bottom line undertaking.

These entrepreneurs endeavored for something even bigger it seems.

These ventures had to rally a groundswell of enthusiasm and support. These ventures had to rally a ton of energy just to even have the slightest chance of reaching their mark. And just guessing here, this rallying to a ton of energy took three or four tons of sweat and work to even cause the rally.

Q: How does a startup startup?

A: Maybe, by starting up?

Come on. Is this really our best? Isn’t there still more in the tank? Aren’t there still ideas that need to be realized? Aren’t there ventures to be created? Aren’t we going to continue to utilize the tools and skills and gifts that we have to make it even brighter for the next generation that is soon to follow?

What is your North Pole, your Mount Everest, your moonshot?

Let’s get going! Let’s start the rallying. Let’s gather the benefactors. Let’s gather the ideas. Let’s gather the explorers. Let’s gather the developers.

And, let get after the recreating. Let’s get after the recreation.

Expedition Mach Up is no longer but a dream. We are setting out today to go live it. Come on entrepreneurs! Let’s go!


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