Expedition / Outablue Solutions

Left for Building

The Expedition is now underway and full scale launched. We are left for building out what we’ve been sketching towards here these how many ever years.

We are left for building 500 new startups all across the United States. Effectively, wherever your startup may be in need of some assistance, we’re ready to send our startup members association to the aid.

We are not super flashy. We are not all investor decks and slide shows. That is not to say that we are opposed to these. It is just we are more of the let’s just build the darn cable and car types.

So for now, we step away from the chair and sketch board. We are going to live this play out and we would be honored if you were to be so interested as to want to join along.

500 startups – here we come! Are you perhaps one of these? If so, take a leap and reach out. We will lend the map and hand and we will get to the other side. Either that, or we will fall off this bridge under construction. The one thing we are determined to do though is startup constructing.

Left for building. Expedition to join us?


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