Outablue Solutions / Wind Down

Summons to Walking Papers

Three times in the past thirty days, I have been the recipient of walking papers. In two of the instances, I was summoned to the employer’s table. On the third, I just knew. In their minds, “it” wasn’t working out the way they wanted it to work. In their minds, the “it” that wasn’t working well enough was to be resolved by remodeling the organization chart. Interestingly, not one of the instances concluded with the employer offering to resign and remove themselves from their organization that wasn’t working. In their minds, it made more sense to shuffle dwindling resources elsewhere. In their minds, it made more sense to take possession of the work to date. In all three instances, it made more sense not to discuss their intentions to repatriate before the execution. In every one of these instances, they subtly conveyed that this had been their out all along. If it had worked the way they wanted it to, it could have continued. But, if it didn’t work out the way they wanted it to, then the easy out was to remain in place, take the leave behinds, and look for someone else to come in and take the same deal.

Where is the justice of the peace? It certainly feels like I have been robbed. It feels like I have been rejected. It feels like the system is stacked against me. Am I missing something here? I admit that I’m the common denominator in all three of these instances. Perhaps, it really is my fault and the system is correct and it is theirs to take and they are rightful to go line up another head to roll? Or, is this question another indicator of being “gaslighted”?

Where is the justice of the peace? Did the justice participate in granting my releases so that I could experience the joy of suffering? Justice, is that you? Why do I want to return to Egypt even though I know it is plagued and nearly everything it does sickens me?

Welcome to Wind Down!

It is nearing the time to reconcile the books. It is harvest time. It is time for questions to be answered and the justice of the peace to restore free agency.

What began as 500 Startups launched to erect structures into the atmosphere and make it rain in the cloud is now resolving with an answer.

Welcome to Wind Down!

Outerblue is near. Welcome to Wind Down!

Wind Down is the last stop before arriving at the final destination. Don’t fret. Don’t turn back. This place is special. This place begins to make some sense of what has seemed insensitive.

This is going to be the final startup of our somewhat dubious illustrious career.

It is time for Wind Down! Shout out of gratitude to any who are still curiously following along.


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