Outablue Solutions / Zero Gravity


Patched up and now ready for dispatch, the endeavor is crystal clear. Truth be told, it has been crystal clear for some time now. Truth to be told, except the free call-in hotline wasn’t ringing. The hotline itself works alright, but it seems the work necessary for its working acts to block most all calls. This is the truth to be told that doesn’t lead to all that many inquiries. The innovation paradox has been solved!

An envoy declaring a free opposite world is the unlikeliest of roles on the planet for a kite-flying financial models engineer. Who pays the bills? Where does one locate investment? What about the taxes? This sort of business model is surely economics 101 lunacy…..except if it isn’t.

At Purdue University, research indicates another economic lane is soon to be discovered. Studies are showing that reciprocity is the only avenue forward. There is only one last barrier to this avenue that stands in the way. The barrier is indicated by the traffic piled-up that just cannot or will not seem to make the U-turn around.

The envoy’s message is simple. U-turn around sooner or later and start your way back towards ReciProCity or you crash. Run the numbers once more if you must, but the calculations always 100% of the time come back the same. Don’t believe the envoy? Why in the world would you not?

The innovation paradox has been solved! It seems the very solution itself is what stands in the way! Come to Discovery Park and see for yourself!


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