Outablue Solutions / Zero Gravity


The notebook is filled with scribbles that just wouldn’t sketch. The experiments continued, but none seemed to proof. And yet, the VSL was flying high…..higher than ever before.

After a year and a half of lab and studio time, 2022 was circled for remote trial. Invited to join a cohort of FOW nomads at Purdue University, this was the negative-positive signal that initiated motion. It was finally time for Nautical Astro to be launched. The studio was a buzz. The venture got the green light. GO Time!

Arrived at the Continuum, just across a parallel from the Convergence, the display of exhibits was fascinating. Do you want to go supersonic? How about digital Aggie?

It was an exquisite expo of intelligence that still somehow lacked actual boots-on-the-ground engagement. The ideas in place, but the workers into reality too busy climbing the administrative ladder? Too busy minting digital currency and catching up on Netflix?

Three years summed up in a nutshell: There are more than enough iPro’s on the street. The missing elements? H2O+ and Un(I)cyclists!!

This is where the future mining will be found. This is where you will find our VSL. Nautical Astro is right for this moment in time. Sketching resumes, put on your boots, zero gravity marks the spot!


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