Outablue Solutions / Zero Gravity


Drawn into zero gravity, our nautical astro located himself along the fringe of an unfamiliar scene. It didn’t make a whole lot of sense. Why was he dizzy? Why was he dizzy, but still peaceful? Why was he saddled a top a unicycle?

Forever the iPro, conditions were degrading rapidly. The walls were closing in and yet it seemed no one was listening, no one was seeing. Was there an error made in choosing this insecure status of being? Has our nautical astro gone astray prostituting himself while calling it work?

Oh confused iPro, will you ever turn around and truly join in the actual play that is taking place?

Is it possible that our nautical astro is to resign his iPro career and join into the ranks of CARE•EIR? The most vast future field of work will likely be in the role of unicycle messaging?

Saddle up and pedal! The future of work is upon us. The future of work is providing aid to the lost, dazed and confused workers of yesterday. The move is on from iPro to unicycle and the mountain in the near distance is steep. Can we see it? Will we open our eyes and look?

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