Force Majeure / Outablue Solutions

Bailing Out the Locked Down


$2,000,000,000,000 / 350,000,000 people = $5714.29 per person

If agreed to, this is $5714.29 that could be distributed to each person in the United States.

If agreed to, this is $5714.29 that will at some point become the amount due to be returned from each person in the United States.

Why not allow each employee of the airlines to decide if they would like their portion sent to the individual directly or sent to their employer?

If this employee chooses to have their portion sent directly to themselves, let them agree to repay this back to the treasury.

If this employee chooses to have their portion sent to their employer, let the employer agree to repay their employee’s contribution back to the treasury on their behalf.

If you are neither an employer or an employee of the industry that is in line to receive your portion of distributions, then at a minimum you should receive $5714.29 worth of future services free and clear from the industry that gets your distribution. In this example, if your portion of distributions is going to be paid to United Airlines, then you are going to receive $5714.29 worth of free airline tickets to be used or transferred for perpetuity. Or, if you prefer another example, if your portion of our national distributions are going to be paid to General Motors, then you get $5714.29 off your note on your current arrangement with GM Finance or a $5714.29 credit on your next vehicle purchase.


Quick side note – Why doesn’t the government just buy Go Fund Me and let each company that is coming to the government trough pitch their case to portioners online?

After purchasing Go Fund Me (for something less than $2 Trillion), the government could be the beneficiary of all of the transaction fees that they could use to purchase PPE for hospitals if they so choose.

If the companies lining up at the government trough really have a legitimate case, surely they can use crowd funding of their future sales to meet their immediate needs.


Even though at this very moment in time our national predicament seems overwhelming, this is really is a pretty simple financial equation and solution that is enacted daily. If one of us has a need to receive funds this instant due and payable at some future date (in the form of a loan or a future tax owed to be paid by someone), why not originate the funds transferring as such a transaction?


Open the relief window and give immediate help if necessary, but please do not enslave our children to a future of working to pay back these immediate reliefs that will be passed onto them as a greater tax burden without a voice or say so.


Here’s the deal – Every industry, every business, every citizen is in a very real economic pickle at this very moment. We have the tools available to give each and every one of us a voice in making the way forward. Let’s use these tools and let’s make lemonade out of these lemons.


Or, we can let the trough feeders win yet another day of chaos once again?


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