<strong>Journal – Day One Hundred Ten</strong>
Outablue Solutions / RedRafts

Journal – Day One Hundred Ten

The redrafts are now in the books. We’ve reached the end of the line. But, the roadtripN isn’t finished. In fact, it is just beginning. It is time to startup anew. It is time to hit the accelerator and put these prototypes out on the open waves. Yes, that is correct. We have prototypes. All … Continue reading


<strong>GO: Locally Global</strong>

GO: Locally Global

Update Locally Global is now live. Project Trade Show was an overwhelming success with multiple international agencies expressing interest to share their listings to the U.S. marketplace. Properties from Costa Rica, Belize, Nicaragua, Honduras, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Canada, and Australia are the first to post in the LG galleries. Later this week, many of these … Continue reading