<strong>Pineapple Dirge</strong>
Poetry / The Sketch Pad

Pineapple Dirge

Majestic crowned barker Presenting hardened false front Standing so proud warts on display Standing so glorious for skinning alive Assigned to the crate Introduced to the knife Divided to the cans Welcome to the juice What say you now Humiliated from your stronghold Spliced open for all to see Faithful still in your core? Give … Continue reading


<strong>State of Broke Refuse</strong>
Poetry / The American Dreamed

State of Broke Refuse

Littering the paper streets Broken vessels Being evaporated of willingness Being dumped onto the heap Refuse to believe Purporting to be recyclers Broken vessels Being prideful glass shards Being found emptied containers Refuse to confess Piling up before the furnace Broken vessels Being opaque of humility Being self righteous liars Refuse to change Refusing our … Continue reading