Gallery Night / Poetry

RE-present : (rep re -zent )

Photo by: Robert Caldwell

(rep re -zent )
tr.v. rep•re•sent•ed, rep•re•sent•ing, rep•re•sents
a. To stand for; symbolize:
b. To indicate or communicate by signs or symbols:
a. To depict in art; portray.
b. To describe or present in words; set forth.
3. To present clearly to the mind.
4. To draw attention to by way of demonstrance or protest:
5. To describe or put forward (a person or thing) as an embodiment of a specified quality.
a. To serve as the official and authorized delegate or agent for.
b. To act as a spokesperson for.
7. To serve as an example of:
8. To be the equivalent of.
a. To stage (a play, for example); produce.
b. To act the part or role of.

Today is another culminating day
Another day of clarifying opportunity
Another day of production
Another day of artistic demonstration
Another day of agency and metaphor
Another day of exemplification

Yet Us?? RE-presenting??

How may we channel our character?
This pot being fly-wheeled
This ever moving, never stationed
Always morphing, ever cracking
Stand for something…but trying to
Figure what exactly…and how

Stage left
Spot LIGHT on
The answer of the fire speaks out
Guidance beams through clay
The Illumination so brilliantly bright
RE-presentation embodied

RE-Post from blog


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