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FREE Series – The real cost of FREE?


FREE Music
FREE Classes
FREE Books
FREE Photos

FREE, FREE, FREE….yeah, it’s FREE!

We’re seeing it before our very eyes. The first time I caught a glimpse of the new economy was when I came across an article by Chris Anderson in Wired magazine: see (

This FREE revolution is ground shaking to us all. It’s really nice that everything is going to FREE. But the question keeps coming back from a growing number of my friends, “How do I pay for it?”

The world is going FREE and yet seemingly we can’t afford it. Gotta love irony!

Please check back over the next few weeks. We’re going fishing on this topic and seeking to catch sight on some new ways to re-establish a little value to our work. A little value so that we can afford to buy a few things… the tools to craft our freewares….like the power to run our tools….like the food that powers our craftsmen. A little value so we can repay the debts accumulated back when things had a price.

Wondering out loud, how do you pay a deficit when you tax on a percentage of FREE?

It’s going to be a fun adventure these next few years. The opportunity is truly amazing if you’re FREE enough to grab hold.


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