Chapter Four – The Reservation

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“There you are” said Leigh. “Did you just walk in? I didn’t hear you. Go in and tell the kids good night.”

As I walked towards the kids rooms, I could hear my son talking to himself. His imagination is like mine, always on. My daughter looked up at me from her room and with the sweetness that only comes from innocence, she said, “Hi, daddy. Did you have a good day? I missed you today. I wish you could have made it to my school play.”

Oh, I completely forgot. How badly do I feel that I have disappointed her on her big day? “Sweetie, I am so sorry that I couldn’t make it. It was a crazy day at work, Hector and Juan quit, the boat was giving me trouble, and we couldn’t seem to catch any fish,” I responded.

“That’s okay, daddy. I forgive you. It’s just that it was so much fun and my teacher said that I did a really good job. Please come the next time,” she requested.

She forgives me. I am pretty certain that I am unworthy of forgiveness. I mean who forgets their daughter’s school play that she has worked for three months in preparation.

“I love you, sweetie. I am so thankful that I get to come home to see you. I promise to come next time,” I said attempting to mask my disappointment with myself.

“Okay. Will you please say prayers with me?”

After we prayed, I went into my son’s room and interrupted his nightly session about Star Wars and NASCAR.

“Daddy,” he exclaimed! “Daddy, my Home Depot car is missing and I can’t find it. Will you help me find it tomorrow?”

“Of course,” I answered.

“I love you daddy.”

I am left speechless nearly every time that I get to converse with my kids. They are so full of curiosity and joy. I really need to give them more consideration; it’s just that things are so stressful right now at work. Hopefully, I will have some more time for them next month when they are out of school for summer and when the business slows down for the season.

As I exit my son’s room and go down the hall, I find Leigh preparing to go to bed. She has always been an early to bed, early to rise person. I just stand there watching her for a couple of moments before she notices me in the mirror. She looks at me with disappointment. It is pretty obvious that while my daughter has forgiven me for missing the play, she has not.

“How could you miss this play,” she asked? “I tried to call you a couple of times, but your phone must have been turned off because it went directly to voicemail.”

“I am sorry. It was a crazy day at work…”

“When is it not crazy,” she interceded? “I’m going to bed. We can discuss this further tomorrow.”


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