Living the Dream

Montego Bay

Every now and then, we receive a contact for service that blows us right out of the water. A couple of days ago, we’re welcoming people into theSpace – Miami and then the phone vibrates. We double check the signal to ensure that we’ve heard correctly. Change of plans, we’re off to Montego Bay, Jamaica. Duty calls. Who knew retirement was such a fun adventure?

So, let’s reveal the stop down. This beauty is spectacular. 16 plus acres of views, gardens, pools, and decor that not only promises the opportunity to live the dream but serves it up to you. We’re thinking it’s a perfect setting for theSpace-Jamaica banquet nights. We’re wondering if you’ll come along on the RoadtripN if we swing by here ever few weeks?

Let us know what you think. Are you game? The waiting list is filling up. Locally Global presents Silent Waters. Come to Jamaica! Living the dream starts now! Give us a call if you’re interested to stop in. We’ve got a full signal and always ready to turn tail on a dime…or two.


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