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Goofy Adventures

Is there really a method to the madness? Is there a central point to hang your goofy hat? Is it more about the destination or the journey?

Out here on the safari, these sorts of queries pop up from time to time and seem to present themselves at the funniest of moments. Most of us have a fantasy land dream. Very few of us though, take down the 1000 or so acres and actually go to the work of pursuing and constructing the amusement park. It is this sort of wild, dangerous leading that inspires us to put on the khakis, fill up the tanks, and take leave to venture out into the unknown.

Along the way, we have experienced the sightings of an Indian mongoose and a northern white rhino. These surprising and odd perspectives capture us and leave us wondering: Maybe, the goofier the madness methodized via journeying IS the central destination point to hang our hats? Not sure for certain, but it is no doubt a fun exploration being had… and the expedition continues spinning forward.


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