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Galactic Blue Universe

Galactic Blue

Staring up into the sky on a sunny day and looking to catch a glimpse of the galactic blue coming together in universe. Sure it’s a daydream now. But, searching to find hopeful is the purpose of afternoon imaginations. At least, let’s hope.

Stretching to envision the space at the farthest point where it appears that light is overfilling all the dark. Constantly running along the path being convicted this is coming to pass if by nothing other than the sensational highs and lows located in the victories and defeats of the race. Perhaps, great pain does bring definition to great joy. Maybe, great sorrow does better frame ecstatic happiness.

For now though, it seems we’re still to remain in the blue dimension. That space where light and dark bleed together. Seeing this looks to be the case, may we at least be so bold as to request a blue kaleidoscope of powder and sky and ultramarine and turquoise?

One word stands above in bright universe. Here’s to the indigo and the beginning of the rest. Cyan-ara!


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