Outablue Solutions / the Space

Deeper Shallows

Sport Fishing

Fishing for deeper among the shallows may lead spectators to assume that we are oxymorons. The new world excursion of setting bait for the next “like” or “follow” is like catching sun perch while rigged up for a great white. Wondering, what’s the catch sought by so many that are dragging internets across the surface? Do they truly ever land a wicked tuna pitching catchphrase minnows? Or, is the great sport of the day now about bite-sized fillets that piece together into a big mosaic data whale?

Whatever the answer, it feels very heavy like we’re really missing the boat sitting on top of us. It’s crazy, yes? So many linking in to chase our meal tickets by marking the covers, tooting birdcalls, and tagging faces all the while never actually going below the surface.

What’s down there that has us so frightened? Are we afraid that we may find the creative work that really requires diligent effort? The insanity of relationship today is boggling. Guess, in this time now, we’re all content to be seals barking.


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