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For future reference and source material:

The most dangerous way to come up lost is writing to be found. Yet, every prideful author chooses this path. Then. when presented the conclusive road map, they scoff and turn the page. Until, they run out of pages.

Is something keeping us from reading between the lines? Might it have been simpler had we not been so blind to the plot? Might it have been simpler had we recognized the main character sooner? Who knew how freeing the day when we chose to take our rightful positions as scribes not authors?

The more we come across answers, the more they seem to point to a real storyteller. A storyteller that is a master of truth and conviction. A storyteller that has the audacity to hand us the pen so that we may scribble our way to handing it back.

Bookmarking this now as an intended service to all fellow authors. If you ever find yourself here and if this story continues to hold true, be prepared for a switchback just around the bend.


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