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Rocket Man

Rocket Man

Our adventure seeking rocket man just tripped over the perfect entrepreneurship for universal travel. In terms of theSpace, this is an undershot of galactic proportions. In fact, so low is this trajectory, a burn-up in the atmosphere is out of the question. It can’t happen. Too low. May bounce off a cloud or two in the owderblue, but a flaming crash and burn project is simply a relic of the past. See other canvasses if you’re searching for all the errors of previous trial.

2015 is the new year of rocket man without a doubt. Sure, you’ve heard this broken scratchy record before…and the tune is screeching awful. But, what’s he going to do…quit?

Not this rocket man. He’ll die trying if anything. He figures death is already a given regardless if it happens prematurely or not. No use banking days of monotony. The rocket man is determined to take the launchpad and set off for Neptune or Cascadia or to the local 7-11. Frankly, it doesn’t matter the coordinates. All that matters is what truly matters. Our rocket man is blasting off on January 1 to go find exactly what that is.

All aboard. Book your tickets now. You won’t want to miss what you’ve been missing.

Happy New Year greetings from theSpace!


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