Outablue Solutions / the Space

First Aerial View

theSpace Aerials

Finally, we’ve made it! The first day of our next orbiting new year. The rocket man has left the launchpad. Check up above and catch the beautiful little down glance found cruising our way across the Parisian owderblue. Aerials of theSpace are pretty special.

Aerial is like the follow ship version of viral. It’s like the next stage of the missile after recognizing that you’ve been fully catapulted and seem to be finding yourself reaching a fever pitch. It’s the arc of the story where you come to realize that you’re really just playing for the audience that consists of your one and only true fan. Aerial is a cookie crumb you willingly leave behind for the unknown Hansels and Gretels that may come through this pass someday. The aerial is not so much a marker or a trophy or a self-congratulatory backpat. The aerial is a group celebration card that passes along to the generation after generation who will choose to give up trying to build billboards to themselves. Aerials are a solid indicator that realities are really starting to change now.

You’ve lifted off into theSpace. You’ve entered a new dimension. Get ready! The roadtripN is really just getting started!


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