LaunchPad / Outablue Solutions

Digital Nomad

Digital Nomad

There is a totally viable digital bridge enjoining us today. No matter where we may bounce, we carry this intangible, nebulous, mobile connector with us. Like nomadic special forces, we are dialed in to the very latest, fixated to be on constant watch, ready to spring into action.

This is a great development for some of us. Freedom at last. No longer boxed in.

But, for those of us who are Big Blue Bears, this is just too much. We can’t control it and we can’t keep pace. We feel like we’re always outside looking versus hearing the tune of what’s really happening inside. Is anything really going on inside?

It’s all good Mr. or Miss Bear. Follow along for now, if you may be so willing. Before much longer, the change we’re highlighting will become visible for you too.

We’ve launched out and we’re here to help.


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