LaunchPad / Outablue Solutions

SkyEtch: O

Owderblue at 30,000

This is a story of complete non-fiction. This really happened. In fact, it happened around noon today and came from totally owder-the-blue….like a miracle.

Now perhaps to some, this isn’t as cool a miracle as seeing Fidel Castro’s profile on a potato chip or seeing some of those amazing YouTube trick shots where the guys shoot a basketball from outside of the arena and somehow still pop the net. But this is cool nonetheless.

So, we launched out into theSpace on February 20th. Since then, we’ve been going to and fro meeting new people here and there. The usual for the most part. Strike up a conversation, share a little about our reason for being, and then sit back and listen.

Then BAM! It happened like a star burst. A movie producing visitor from Pittsburgh took the chair nearby and began to share the story of an eighteen hour roadtripN ordeal. In route to meet with friends, a travel getaway from a life that sounded none to easy, this photo sky-etch was taken.

Triple take! Is that an “O” radiating against the blue? Do you see the hope in this picture? Maybe life has been a lot tough getting to this perspective. Yet maybe, just maybe, this has all been stage setting for the upcoming second act. You know, the second act where miracles do happen right before your eyes. You know, the second act where you see a beaming smile just come piercing out of the so very desperate blue.

“O” my, thanks for crossing paths today.


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