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Bunker to Waves

The Wave

Spacewalking is something else. Who knew that the craters along the course could be bridged? Who knew that the bunkers could be transformed to the friendliest of waves?

One man figured it out a while back. As he faced the storm of storms, you know the type where there is no conceivable escape, he figured a way out by going beyond his thinking and beyond what he could fully see. He could see a vapor in the water. He could see another man standing outside the drain. But just how did he get there?

Then the man in the sinking boat asked the strangest of questions, “If it is you, tell me to come to you on the water?” This is the strangest of questions because it meant surrendering the boat and it meant surrendering his logic. Why didn’t he ask the obviously powerful man to tell the boat to float? Or to tell the storm to calm? Or to tell the wind to carry him to the shore? Why did he ask for the permission to let go of the reality that even he was barely grasping?

Speculating from experience, this man saw that his best logic wasn’t good enough. This man saw that his best logic placed him in the boat in the middle of a hurricane. Yet, here is this other man standing outside the boat seemingly rather peaceful and most definitely on a different plane.

The man in the boat decided that he wanted more what the other man had than what he did. So, he asked for help. And the rest is history….he went from bunker to waves.


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