Flymach / Outablue Solutions

Flymach One

Flymach 3

Moving onto the runway for Outerblue has taken much, much longer than anticipated. The budget and timeline is shot to hell and everyone is pointing fingers at everyone else. Even with a 20% override cushion for the totally unexpected, we managed quite unsuccessfully to push through that number ceiling months ago.

Oh well, what are you going to do? Going to quit? How do you quit after years of investment leading to substantial debt leading to substantial doubt leading to the launch date where you’re greeted by a sky full of gray clouds?

Not launching seems ridiculous. Sure, given our track record to this point, we’re most likely to blow up before hitting the first stage. Surely this is the future, given the same NASA rocket scientists that figured our budget also figured our cash fuels into the beyond. But, leave this awesome vehicle in the hangar? Not a chance. At this point, if going down in flames is going to happen, let’s make it spectacular.

Seems apropos to launch this entrepreneurship into the sky filled with Fourth of July fireworks….so launch sequence initiated. Ready to Flymach One?


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