Flymach / Outablue Solutions

Flymach Three

Flymach 1

Airborne! Well, off the pavement anyways. Time to take the off-road rarely really even being traveled. Time to go along with the wind.

For the last few years, more and more people have come by for a hangar visit carrying along their suitcases full of questions. Do you think that will really fly? How are you going to afford the fuel? Who’s really going to get onboard? Are there any safety features when that thing comes down?

The quirky irony is their fearful questions kind of prove we’ve got a shot. Many of the people we’re meeting thought they’d already gone off-road way back. Turns out though, if you listen in closely, they’re really finding that they only traded a desk cage for a full-sized prison cell.

We’re not necessarily saying that you should pull for us to get this venture to 30,000 feet…but it sure seems like this would be better than the alternative.


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