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Dem Eyes of Independent Stoic Epicurean Reps


Sitting here in the early morning hours reflecting on all the assumed positions which are failing. How can this be?

The law should have won, but couldn’t contain the lawyers in us. How about the sensual comforts? Comfort is good, right? Let’s just sit here until it all goes away. Let’s keep doing what we’re doing, which isn’t all that much. Let’s keep talking about it and things will improve.

Screw’em both! Neither know what they’re doing. Going independent free-for-all is the answer. Do our own thing. Run off like Rand characters and form a new society. What’s that? The problem goes with us?

Social Justice is the answer. Let’s pick the right side and give them the arms to fight back. Did they just turn the guns on us?

Let’s hire them. Put them to work. Economic prosperity is the cure all answer. Did they just quit and start working for themselves? We need better trade laws.

Bombs away! Let’s rid ourselves of the problem today. We’re right and they’re wrong so we should just eradicate the problem. Except historically, it seems the problem remains?

Let’s debate. Debate is the solution. Whatever question you have throw it our way. The answer is simple. Build a gigantic wall and legislate ourselves into isolation. We’ll show them our superpower.

Foreign policy? What about domestic? There should be no taxes. At least not any that we have to pay. If we rebuild the economy, this will save us. Let us feast on wall street, fantasy football and TMZ. These are the truly important things to give thanks for this season.

Everyone should be entitled to a free education. We shouldn’t have to work towards our working careers. This student loan thing doesn’t make any sense.

Perhaps, we should just yell louder? It seems that telling everyone else they’re wrong is an exceptionally strong strategy. It makes great headlines. It demonstrates that things are different now if you command your position from a bigger stage with a louder microphone. Doesn’t it?

What is needed is democracy. Democracy will solve everything, right? What happens though if the majority is wrong? What happens if the buffalo herd votes to run themselves off the cliff?

Let’s shrink the perspective and focus on our neighborhood. Let’s just worry about our city. Let’s close off our state. The world has gone crazy. The nation has gone crazy. Let’s dial it back to our ten-mile radius and shut the craziness out. Now that should bring peace, right?

Except this doesn’t seem right, either. It’s not like our city is without problems. It’s not like our state isn’t divided too. Maybe, we should just focus on our home and our family. Let’s shut out the entire world at our front door and order pizza delivery. We can take careers online, avoid traffic, and receive our paychecks direct deposit via Paypal. This will make it better. Now that’s safe and comfortable.

Wait a second. Did you hear that? Is that a knock at the door?


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