Accelerator / Outablue Solutions


Shine Stand - Photo 1

Three years ago, we started prototyping on this blog. Even as we could sense the move to the cloud all around us, we were convinced that there just had to be a next stage here on the ground first. How do you jettison to the cloud without at least a little fuel and a launchpad?

So, we sketched and we scratched and we pressed forward sort of knowing all along that the mission support teams we were developing were being joined together to accelerate a movement. Doesn’t there have to be an accelerator of some sorts to get from here to there?

Funny thing, we finally founded the accelerator while making the movement towards the movement.The accelerator is now open for business. Prototyping is complete. From today moving forward, the rest of the information you will come across from us will be a shortened communication format known in its simpler form as “typing”.


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