Outablue Solutions / RedRafts

Journal – Day Four

Work is not the trap. The freedom being sought is not to be freed from a trap of work. Finding freedom is by its own execution and pursuit – an active working. And even as freedom begins to be found, there is still work to be done. Freeing work is freeing. This type of work holds forth the proof that the trap is not work.

Well, at least freeing work proves that freeing work is not the trap. But, what about the possibility that enslaving work may be the trap? Is that a possibility?

What if the trap has some sort of feature that leads to working so hard for all the wrong reasons? What if work is really a good thing provided the working so hard is done in right reasoning?

Reasons for working? Is the trap that seems to be a work trap maybe more of a reasoning trap? Is there something in the features of the trap that points to flawed reasoning? How can that be?

Is the trap a thinking problem? A reasoning problem? The products of which are wrong reasons?

Oh wow, if that’s the truth of the matter, this freedom project is going to be a lot tougher than initially imagined.

Who of us that thinks we are in our right minds wants to even consider that we may not be? Lots of food for thought here to test out with what may in fact be faulty thinkers.


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