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Journal – Day Nine

Is it possible to drown in a pool of wants while forgetting to seek out what is needed? How is it so easy to be enticed by a lie that satisfaction comes from the satisfying of what the self wants?

This enticement might make sense if the self wanted only good things, but it appears rather obvious that the self wants quite a lot of bad things too. This enticement that self-fulfillment and self-realization are good goals is actually quite laughable when put to the acid test.

Can you imagine what would become of the world if all of our selfish wants were fulfilled? In this imagination, does it cause you to shudder or cause you to jump for joy?

And still, it seems full speed ahead. Give us what we want!

The entrepreneurships of the future will more likely have to buck the current trend.

The entrepreneurships of the future may have to press us to reign in some of our ideas that self-fulfillment of all of our wants is to be the great human achievement.

The entrepreneurships of the future may have to engage us to re-focus just a little on what we really need and inspire us to sacrifice just a few of our wants in the search.

Yeah, probably right. This is probably just too crazy of a dream for the entrepreneurships of the future to pursue. Probably makes more sense to just give us what is wanted and we all miss the boat that is needed.

Back into the work of building rock towers? Back into the work of breaking rocks into bread?

Nah, let’s go for it! Let’s do the work of going in search of what we need just this once. The dream of getting what we want just isn’t bright enough.


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