<strong>The Barrier</strong>
Canvasses / The Sketch Pad

The Barrier

It is not that outerblue doesn’t exist. I can see it right there. It is right there, top of screen, right in front of my eyes. It is not that outerblue is all that far away in some distant time and space like say thirty years from now on a different continent or planet or … Continue reading


<strong>The Unmanned</strong>
Poetry / Seaworthy

The Unmanned

“Hell’o” passerby What desire lunacy Gibberish tongue reveals Answers beyond Sympathetic woman Sleep sound Friend I flail Unseen and bare Calling muted Laughter trumpets Clarity fogged in Cold sinking waters Recognized by the lost at sea Come aboard thrasher Pillage buccaneer in the Pitch black darkness Shore deception Navigation lost O’ flicker in despair Preserve … Continue reading