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Please receive this Fleet Pass invitation to join our Fleet and assist us in gifting Seaworthy e-books. By so doing, you will be providing much needed fuel to our advocacies, Plant12 and International Men’s Network.

Seaworthy is a short story perspective of a man found lost at work.


If you like the Pass, Join the Fleet
If you like Seaworthy, Join the Fleet
Receive our invitation, Join the Fleet

Please accept our invitation to join the Fleet. By sharing, gifting, and booking us, you provide important fuel to our advocacies and help to move The OuterBlue Projects forward.

Sharing – Through social media, through email, through phone calls, through whatever it takes; please share this invitation forward. Please share the FREE previews too. We seek your assistance in connecting this story introduction. And, perhaps with your help, we may bring some relief to the lost at work?

Gifting – Seaworthy is available for purchase from iBookstore and Nook for a price of $2.99. The final chapters of this e-book are the starting point for the interactive collaborations called The OuterBlue Projects.

Gifting Seaworthy provides fuel:
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Co.Mission Ventures will gift the revenue from the first 10,000 Seaworthy e-books sold to Plant12 and International Men’s Network.

FYI, revenue after the retail expense is approximately $1.88 per copy. We recognize that we have our work cut out for us to get this many books on your screens, but we are determined to develop these revenues to benefit our advocacies. It can happen, right?

Booking – Have an event that we may come and share our stories in person? Have a group that needs encouragement and vision to see that the turn is just around the corner? Book us today. We offer a number of interactive collaborations to find, to challenge, and to reignite the man lost at work.

The OuterBlue Projects – “Purposeful Men – Rebuilding Work”
Additional details soon. For now, please see:

Gallery Night


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