Chapter Eleven – The Interruption

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“Hey guys, what’s going on over here, Scott interrupted? Did Joe tell you that I asked him to come to work with the construction company today?”

Admiral responded, “I have been meaning to talk to you about something as well Scott. I understand that you have been pre-bidding the construction on the proposed casino. Why haven’t you discussed this with me? Are we not partners? And as for asking Joseph to join the business, is this not something that we should have discussed as well?”

“Well, I guess I just thought…

“Please come to me and talk through these decisions. If you had, you would know that I am firmly opposed to our company’s participation in the casino project. And as for Joseph, he is inclined to assist in other ways once he comes to the realization of what he and I just discussed.”

Scott stood silent knowing that he had just opened the bait jar and it was obvious that he wished he had remained on the other side of the room

I, on the other hand, was thrown for a loop by my inclusion in the Admiral’s comment. There is only one other time that I can think of where someone has preplanned my future. This was when my parents agreed amongst themselves that I should go back to the States and attend college. I mean I had conveyed to them that I might want to go, but I also expressed that I might want to stay. They held a closed door meeting on the topic and the return decision was that I would go.

Since this time, I have had some reservations about allowing others to direct my decisions. To be fully forthright, I just plain don’t like other people suggesting, telling, or directing me to do something that I feel the direction was not self-generated. Leigh has told me numerous times that this is a flaw, but at least when I trip over myself, I know where to look to lay blame. At least, this is basis that I have used for this position.

Now as I listen to the Admiral’s reprimand of Scott, I feel like I’m back in the living room awaiting my parents’ decision as to my future. I can feel my face getting red as I try to suppress the anger that is welling.

At this point, Admiral looked back to me and said, “Joseph, I trust that you will think about what we have discussed and give it your full consideration. I would never wish to impose on your circumstance. I only desire to help you and guide you as you should recognize from our previous dealings. Please give our conversation some thought and when you have had a chance to process this information, give me a call or come by and we can discuss further.”

Then Admiral grabbed Scott by the elbow and swung him around towards the door of the bar. Scott waved good-bye over his shoulder as they began to walk to the exit.

As I swiveled the barstool back towards the window, I noticed that the storm was beginning to weaken. It was still raining, but the tops of the palms were no longer parallel with the ground.

Maybe, we will get a day of fishing in tomorrow after all.


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