Chapter Twelve – The Dawn

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As I awoke this morning, my instincts told me it would take everything in my power to make it through the day. It started with the 8 am phone call from the bank. I can’t say that I was surprised by the call. I guess that I was hoping to delay it. Zack wants me to come in to discuss the latest financial statements that I sent him and determine an action plan. Of course, what he really means is that the company is way behind on its note and the bank is ready to take the boat back. At this point, taking the boat would be the best case scenario considering that the home is mortgaged against the note as well.

Then as I hung up the phone, Leigh came into the kitchen to confront me about the pile of bills that have been scattered across the counter for the past few weeks. I could tell by the look in her eyes that she was not only nervous, but fearful and angry.

“Who was that on the phone,” she asked?

“It was Zack. He wants me to come in this morning to discuss the business.”

“They are going to take the boat back, aren’t they? What are we going to do now? I mean look at this stack of notices. The calls come in constantly and I am at a loss of how to respond.”

I could tell by her mannerisms that she wanted me to comfort her, but I didn’t have any answers either. How did this situation get so desperate?

As I was considering how to respond, my daughter walked into the room.

“Are you guys fighting,” she asked?

“No honey, daddy and I are just talking,” my wife answered. “Go, get ready for school.”

Then Leigh spun back to me and asked again, “Well, do you have a plan?” And then under her breath she muttered, “What other great ideas do you have?”

Over her shoulder, I could see my entourage laughing it up. There they were; Disappointment and Doubt heckling me. “Boy, you have made quite the mess,” they whispered in tandem.

“Give me 24 hours and I will come up with something,” I responded to Leigh. I hoped this would satisfy her, even though I had reservations about my self-imposed timeline.

“Well you better come up with something because we can’t live like this anymore.”

With that she exited the room and left me to ponder the commitment that I had just made.


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