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FREE Series – Would you?


Would you join us in our FREE experiment?

Over the past few weeks, we’ve read from some of the bloggers who’ve notified us of their following. It’s interesting to us that many of these blogs seemingly promise millions of dollars simply by following their three step or five step program. If we’ll just give them our email and plop down a little money their way, they’ll teach us how to live a life from the beach, giving away e-books, and eating grapes.

It got us to thinking (which isn’t always good), if we could give away e-books and make millions, maybe we could sell e-books and give away a few thousand?

What if for a smaller experimental fee to each of us ($2.99), you would agree to participate in the purchase of our book? We would then give any book revenues to some needed advocacy work so as to ensure that the book was actually FREE. You know, rather than giving away the books themselves?

Our Three-Step Program

1. If these books are going to go out the door for free anyways
2. And money is going to be exchanged by all of us to the expert free blogger
3. Why not first try exchanging a smaller experimental fee and have it go to a couple of worthy causes?

If this works, maybe we could sell this model for millions, and give away e-books, and sit around eating grapes. We promise to let you in on the secret before we roll this concept out to the masses.

Will you join us in the experiment? Gallery Night Starts Now!


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