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Co.Mission Ventures announces an e-book giftaway.

We are gifting to Plant12 all net revenue from the first 10,000 Seaworthy e-books sold.


Seaworthy is a short story perspective of a man found lost at work.

Join Us in Gifting – Seaworthy is available for purchase from iTunes and Nook for a price of $2.99. The final chapters of this e-book are the starting point for our interactive collaborations called The OuterBlue Projects.

Join Us in Sharing – Through social media, through email, through phone calls, through whatever it takes; please share this post. We seek your assistance in gifting this story to others and in helping to connect our work to our purpose. With your help, may we bring hope to those of us lost at work.

Don’t want to gift the book? Just want to support Plant12 directly? – You’re wonderful and thanks! Just follow their link above.

In case you’d like to take a run through a few of The OuterBlue Projects

Gallery Night
The Caleb Initiative

Let’s Rebuild Work!


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