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Go Big or Go Home?

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The world today is truly fascinating. The slogan used to be “Go Big or Go Home”. Yet, peeking out from under the covers, could it be that “BIG” is dying? It may not be fully recognizable to all just yet, but the humongous systems of the past are increasing in their collapse rate.

The increasing collapse rate appears to be a function of internal rot. Build a simple cell with minimal interactions and the survival characteristics of the cell are more adaptable. Build a complex cell system with intricate interactions and the survival characteristics of the cells are less maneuverable and exceedingly over-competitive.

Is there an answer to address the new condition?

Perhaps, there is a different way. Maybe, the answer is “Go Small and Get Out”. Maybe, the answer is go flexible and yet sturdy. Maybe, David really can take down Goliath. What if there is new day to be found located within a small tribe of Davids not unto the service of the global Goliath?

Might be time for those of us who chose “Go Home” over “Go Big” to come out and feel the fresh air blowing at our backs.

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