the Space

Tar & Muck

spaceship 2

The past few days

Metaphorically sharing perspective of a recent real event:

Our team was requested last week to the scene of a local business and civic oil spill. Upon arrival, we found gushing rivers of tar and muck and self-pity and finger pointing spewing out of a vessel that has been adrift. We also spotted numerous evacuees jumping overboard comprised of both crew and passengers alike.

After a brief survey and triage, brief in part because the afflicted were too traumatized to go near their real wounds, a slate of suggestions and crisis plans were offered forward hopeful on making a few rescues and intent on proactively addressing the clean-up and repair and maybe even salvage of the sinking craft. The plans fell on deaf ears.

From the outside looking in, the sludge drowning refugees seem too tired or perhaps not yet tired enough to be open to rescue possibilities. The course of action selected by those in the water is to pre-hold the funerals of the brave men and women who ran the ship aground, to pay their sad respects to the contributions made to the sea-faring community, and to pat one another on the back for having recognized earlier on that the ship was in trouble.

What does it mean?

Are we not the strangest actors? By our example, it must be determined that we would rather control our demise to the bitter end than submit to being rescued.

Rebellion in us

Pride says, “It is not that bad.” Fear says, “We’re doomed”. Sloth says, “Why try, let’s just drowned.” Pride takes back the reins and says, “No, we can rescue ourselves, but we’ll go slower this time.” Pride seems to conveniently forget that he blindly led us here all the while trying to outrun Fear.

We are a goofy lot just by ourselves. Throw us together and we’re oil spills on public display.

Yet, we’re all offered a rescue. In fact, it’s part of the BIG plan

Oil spills are going to continue to happen as long as subMission is extended to us as a choice. Oil spills painful as they are lead us to the facts and towards making the right selection. The question is put before us each day: choose subMission to Life or choose your way and go ahead with your farewell tour.

SubMission unto God

It means submitting ourselves to Him and to one another in our marriages, our families, our work, our cities, our nations, our purpose, our vision, and even our personal missions. It is found submitting an invitational call-bearing witness that subMission is the only “real” avenue. In this subMission, the submitter locates TRUE freedom, RE-covery, and RE-construction. Thanks Lord Jesus for showing us You are the Way.


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