The American Dreamed



What is this hole that seemingly can’t be filled? Maybe I need to try a different deodorant and the world will be a better place? That Axe commercial really looks to be the answer.

Maybe I need to try a different brand of beer and the world will be a better place? It has to be awesome being seen as the world’s most interesting man. Cliff diving with an eagle perched on my shoulder surrounded by all the onlookers cheering my triple back flip. That’s probably what’s missing.

Look the lottery is up to $2.4 gazillion! I should buy a few tickets today now that the odds are a little more favorable. It’s smart to play the lottery when the risk versus reward is more in balance. Man, if I hit the lottery that hole will go away for sure.

My home should get an extreme makeover. I should call one of those shows and see if they’ll foot the bill to take my house from its present location, put it on a truck, transport it to the mountains overlooking a stream, and then remodel the interior. If my house had new furnishings, new paint, a more open concept, and new granite countertops with gas appliances; then it would be good for sure.

What we really need is world peace. If everyone would just lay down their chemical and nuclear weapons and give each other a hug, then the hole would be filled.

The FED should stop printing money. This inflation is crazy. Or, if they’re going to determinedly keep printing money, then they should send some my way instead of to the banks. Let’s quit putting the middlemen with their fancy inescapable loan vehicles between us and our tax dollars. Let’s just drop the money into the hands of those of us who need it. Then we can pay back the middlemen. That would balance everything and fix it.

I wonder now and then, is this world trapping me or am I building the trap myself? Are the hole and the trap one and the same? How can I fill this hole? How can I escape this trap?

I need a round-the-world vacation seeking inner peace. That would fill this hole for sure.

Maybe, I should try that new church around the corner. I hear they bought a football stadium and I saw on the morning show they write great books that encourage me to dream bigger and God will give me my dreams. Maybe, what’s holding me back is that my dreams just aren’t big enough? Maybe God is just waiting for me to really dream something BIG so that He can give it to me. This is probably what’s missing in the hole. I’ve just got to dream bigger. For sure, God’s all about me, right?

Maybe, what’s missing is a better strategy? I should probably change everything that I’ve been doing that isn’t working and try something new. I should probably take a few months off and draw up a new business plan that is different from the old business plan. They say if you keep getting the same results, change what you’re doing. Now that makes sense and should definitely fill in the hole. I’ll give that some thought, for sure.

Ah, the choices today….so many good things to choose from. They are good, aren’t they?


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