The American Dreamed

Down off the Mountain

Down off the Mountain

Back to the ship? What is the plan there? We thought we were getting off the merry-go-round. We thought that we got to move on to new ground provided we’d just surrender the air we’re holding. What kind of plan is it to let go of the fantasyland nation only to be called back into the service of their army?

This seems to be taking guerilla warfare to a whole new level. Blend in with the natives, work for their causes, submit to their mastery just seeking for the opportunity to one day share that the whole system is a dissolving hoax? It is dissolving, right?

Will you at least share what the currency is that we are to use to fund the peaceable revolutionaries? Yes, it is the same question framed differently. We just can’t seem to slide this question past. And yet, standing on what seems nothing but a whisper? Quite blind to the hold, standing on the whisper of having a good hand, calling down with a fixed face the giant who prints the bogus chips. All-in!

The whisper is the currency? We’re calling their bluff with what appears an even greater bluff only to be found not bluffing? One thing is for sure, if this is what we’re doing, seeing it all transpire is going to be a spectacle unlike any other.

Wouldn’t it be easier to lead us into the desert to a remote spot where we could dig up a long forgotten pirate’s chest full of the bogus chips? We could use the bogus chips to purchase arms and swords from the local merchants and set a course to meet on the battlefield provided a short reprieve to train. We could call them out and tell them that we are positioned to take over fantasyland and better operate it to be more kind to the people. Wouldn’t it be easier to just hand us the winning lottery ticket and then we can take the capital by storm?

What if we just go to a bank and mortgage our assets? This would free up some capital and we could work the fields awhile to get square with the bank. After the 30 years is up and we’ve covered the note, then we could announce that the chains come off. We could call others to join our team and sell them to help cover the note. We’d be all square, have some liquidity of the bogus chips, and then we could take back the ship and retire in peace.

Look, if we’re dead set on going back to the airship and not just moving on to solid ground elsewhere, maybe we should just stall the whole plan. If it’s a certainty that fantasyland is going to come down, that the American dream is just that…a dream, a mirage, then why even surrender to lead to the call down? Why not just surrender and lie around and wait for the collapse? Perhaps, the best plan is to surrender and then lie around on the sinking ship rather than surrender and then come back to ship working towards the final hand.

What’s that? Our hearts are laid bare by our thoughts? All we’re suggesting is funding us with some bogus chips so that we can survive and maybe even expedite the awakening beyond this economy. We like the idea of standing on the whisper currency provided the standing is backed by something seen a little more tangible here in the real world. Is this wrong?


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