The American Dreamed

Sight to the Blind Economist

2005 ICE at Gaylord 014

The whisper says differently. The whisper draws us to trade in our head sights and look further into our open hearts. The whisper calls us to explore deeper.

Provided we’re up to the exploration and go out looking, the whisper leads to proofs and other sightings. One such sighting of the whisper has been found today expressing through Oswald Chambers pen:

“The idea of a kingdom not maintained by might is inconceivable to us.”

If the whisper is true, the Kingdom we’re resigning to and thusly being reassigned to represent does not maintain itself by might.

“No man can redeem the world, God has done it; redemption is complete.”

Nor, does it require us to overthrow the present day pre-kingdom. The present day pre-kingdom is already defeated. We appear simply witnesses to the time of the pre-kingdom’s collapse and reconstruction. Our challenge is: will we accept the new sight and recognize the path out from the rubble or will we stay trapped by our disbelief that life is to be found beyond this demise?

But, how can this be?

“People say, ‘We must lay up for a rainy day.’ We must if we do not know God. How many of us are willing to go the length of Jesus Christ’s teaching? Ask yourself, how does the advocacy of insurance agree with the Sermon on the Mount, and you will soon see how un-Christian we are in spite of all our Christian jargon. The more we try to reconcile modern principles of economy with the teachings of Jesus, the more that we shall have to disregard Jesus.”

Have others come to this crossroads of staring down the American Dream so many years before we’ve reached the same unseen corner? Our heads spin to accept our resignations and in so doing keep us from actually resigning. What a strange ironic trap.

The whisper wants to reassure our hearts that we are correct in challenging our heads.

“We cannot enter the kingdom of heaven head first.”

This is so true and funny in pointing out our quirk.

“If I can define God, I am greater than the God I define.”

Having exhausted ourselves chasing the American Dream and initiating experiments founded on the teachings of men like us, having developed such skilled minds in ways that produce no answers, where do we turn now?

“The one striking thing about following is we must not find our own way, for when we take the initiative we cease to follow. In the natural world everything depends on our taking initiative, but if we are followers of God, we cannot take the initiative, we cannot choose our own work or say what we will do; we have not to find out at all, we have just to follow. We must “follow the Lamb withersoever He goeth.” And when He does not go anywhere, then we do not.”

So, here is what we may share from the first few days of resignation:

We are not the first to reach this corner. Others have crossed this way before. It is natural to look to our head for answers and yet our sights show that our heads are most confused. It is this place where having trusted ourselves to pursue and reach the destination promised of the American Dream that we realize how empty pursuing ourselves and our understanding is truly.

Yet, perhaps before mocking us too far, before making up your mind; and we do mean making it up and speaking from the experience that we would have joined you in the mocking not all that long ago.

“If a weak man is presented with facts he cannot understand, he invariably turns to sarcasm.”

Please recognize we’re not sharing from a high horse. Recognize our confession that we’ve come to recognize; we’re just blind economists now receiving insight. In the past, we’ve tried to afford our desires by selling knowledge and pleasantries that are baseless. In the past, we’ve been scared to pursue the currency of faith choosing instead the most ridiculous fallacy of placing faith in a false currency. Apparently today, we are hearing as we follow after the whisper that our arrival to this crossroads has been expected…..forever.

Here on day fourteen, the American Dream is now the American Dreamed. We stand before the gate of opposite world. For all that we’ve known and pursued, we are deeply aware in this moment is being resolved as both true and false thus finally leading to our resignation thus finally leading to the greatest truth. It’s a strange view to say the least….most unexpected. Yet, looking back it’s been pronounced to us from as far back as we can remember.

We’ve been told the law is not wrong, it is right. We’ve been told the law afforded for sin and made sin recognizable. We have tried hard to do what we know to do only to find that we often do what we don’t want to do. We’ve worked hard to make the American Dream a reality thinking this was good, because it was. The American Dream was quite good for revealing and making recognizable that we’re not good.

We first set out to make the American Dream a reality. Today, we see that we’ve been made by the American Dream. We’ve been made as setting our minds on what the flesh desires. We’ve been taught this from the earliest of days and we’ve chased it all the way to the doors of death. We’ve been made as slaves to fear not getting what we want and to fear losing what we have. We’ve been made as slaves to imprison ourselves in self-centered minds and bodies set on the course of building American Dream sandcastles. We’ve been made alright. We’ve been made as beings hostile to having been made this way and beings hostile to being rescued.

Thanks to the American Dream for now we see it. Thanks to the whisper for the reproof of this new found sight afforded to the blind economist. No longer must we chase. But, will we stop chasing? Oh, we do hope so!


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