The American Dreamed

Bread Chasers

Bread Chasers Beach

The simplest economic equation is that we are all bread chasers. We seek to do whatever is required to get our bread. If someone figures out a new way to generate paper, we will follow after them readily seeking the means to purchase some bread.

Miracle-worker – Paper printer = Means-Paper = End-Bread

Every time we see someone deliver the means to get bread, we chase after them. We chase after them not because they’re such good human beings, but because they appear capable to deliver the means to get the bread.

Throw out a hurricane or a tornado and we cry out to the government, “Please help us, and please send some bread. Please, you have the means to the end. Print the paper and distribute it to us that we may purchase bread.”

Truth be told, we don’t particularly love the government. Nor, do we go looking after them because they can print paper. We go looking after them, because, for the time being anyways, they have seemingly provided just enough loaves of bread.

Every day, all day, we chatter on incessantly using complex terms that we’ve really just made up concerning our bogus abilities to manufacture and harness some bread. It’s all we think about….bread, bread, more bread. We have to make some more bread. We have to save for some more bread. We have to find some more bread. Can we get insurance on our bread? Perhaps, but that will probably cost some bread to obtain. Therefore, we have another tough call to make. Life is just one bread choice after another.

We are devious bread chasers. We will sell anything, we will risk everything, and we will undermine anyone who gets in the way of our bread. Of course, if you ask us if this is what we’re doing, we shrug confused that such a line of reasoning could even be considered. We are so much more complicated than this, aren’t we? We are better than this. We are prideful, devious, delusional bread chasers. There, that is a better, more illustrious description.

Here’s the deal though, whatever bread ponzi pyramid we devise, sooner or later it comes crashing down. It doesn’t require a whole loaf of study to figure this out. We can scroll a few history books and find the bread crash at the bottom of every civilization. Famine is a given outcome for chasing after the wrong bread. Famine has a great way of either waking us up or finishing us off.

Upon hearing this and really letting it sink in, we usually run one of two directions.

The first direction is to say that this won’t happen to us. We’re different, we’re special, and we’re unique. We’re smarter than the average mouse running the wheel for a crumb. The last hundred or so bread ponzi schemes failed to take into account what we’ve so accurately figured. This time it’s going to work and it won’t be spoiled. At a minimum, we’ll be spared.

Or, we run the opposite direction in panic and fear screaming, “the sky is falling, the sky is falling. What must we do to save ourselves?” Certainly, this direction would seem the proper course to address such a situation. We must try again and reinvent the wheel that we’ve failed this how many ever times to function properly. It is our duty, right?

Here’s the deal though, don’t run either direction. Don’t turn back. Don’t miss the sign of all signs. Don’t eat from that tree again. There is nowhere else to go, nowhere else to eat and drink.

Quite frankly, if we’ve made it to this other side of the lake, we ought to realize we didn’t get here by our own motive. Had we gotten where we motivated to, we would’ve been derailed way far back.

Quite frankly, if we’ve made it to this other side of the lake, sight unseen, we ought to recognize the work done that we might believe in the bread sent.

Yet, our grumbling has been forecast and there are still hungry doubters in our unkindness. No one promised easy bread chasing. What an awesome adventure! Give thanks and eat up the bread placed before you. Living bread that has been given for the life of the world, thanks for leading us to acceptance.


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