The American Dreamed

Brilliant Blindness


What a mess we’ve found in ourselves blindly chasing after the American Dream.

Wondering today though, how did we find the mess? How did we come to see it? How, after having been blind for so many years, did we come to recognize our blindness?

Granted, some people have been telling us for years that we were blind. According to their vantage point, our light was really dark even in the midst that our dark was being flooded with light.

How could this be? We seem so brilliantly bright to our own eyes. All the signs of stumbling around and tripping and falling down time and again were swiftly dispatched and forgotten as we walked ever onward in laborious repetitive circles. Even in the times that we would whine and bemoan our tired soreness, we would summon the inability to answer our own questions regarding our self-guided track. Staying (or stuck by gravity to) the course, we would ultimately conclude to maintain modus operandi.

What had we done to deserve such a state of depressed oppression? What had we done to receive such imperfect sight as to perceive dark as light and then be motivated to go chasing after it? Better yet, what had our parents done? Or, what had their parents done, or their forefathers?

And, even if we could be so courageous as to admit our blindness, which seems highly unlikely given we can’t even see we’re blind. What possible solution is there then? Being blind to being blind seems more favorable than having sight of your blindness with no sight of a solution.

Truly, it seems the only way for our blinders to come off is in tow with new sight. One quick miraculous burst of healing light that meets us in the absolute darkest place that our blindness has forever been reluctant to see.

The new sights today are amazing for sure. But, even more amazing is our gratitude for our blindness. More amazing is our gratitude for our brokenness. More amazing is our resignation of having any sight not granted us. More amazing is sight was given to us in spite of our forever reluctance to receive. Most amazing sight of Amazing Graceful Truthful Light Giver, all Glory and Honor is Yours, Your Kingdom Come however You choose to establish it.

Thank you Christ Jesus!


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