RE-volution / The American Dreamed

The TREE Exchange

TREE Exchange

Are you still tracking along with us on this trail? Have you recognized yourself in some of our characters that we’ve revealed to you? Have you made it across the first desert aptly named The American Dreamed? Are you recognizing the crossroads that we’ve been found?

In our RE-mission, we’ve found ourselves at the edge of the sea. The past is chasing after us and we can hear its crushing footsteps. Where can we run now? We need the waters to part.

Apparently, our minds tell us, there is only one option. Turn around and return ourselves to our slave masters. It is sheer craziness to believe the sea is going to move. And if we made it across, look at the mountain on the other side. Like us, you’ve probably heard the reports of big giants in the land. This dilemma defies our human logic. It just doesn’t seem to fit it in our brain.

Right here at the edge of the sea, we’re looking back at the scraggly money trees with just a couple of paper leaf bills still hanging. Perhaps, we should just set camp here. Take down this low hanging fruit and burn it for warmth. Take down this low hanging paper fruit and spread the leaf ash under another oak that appears soon to fall. Maybe, just maybe, if we invest some ash, it will turn a leaf into a leaf plus LIBOR? We can live on LIBOR, right?

What’s the future hold if we just charge into the water? What’s the other alternative to possibly drowning? Starvation? Neither looks to be very personally fulfilling or fun.

But, maybe this view of the outcome to be is part of our problem. It doesn’t seem very wise to doubt our view of the outcome to be if we choose to turn back. We’ve already seen what’s in store behind. We’ve already experienced what the past holds. But, as for charging into the sea, we’ve never really tried it. So, why are we so convinced it just won’t work? What if it does?

It is just hard to imagine that our spongy self-absorption of the water won’t drown us. Makes more sense it seems to self-absorb a fallacious leaf pile.

Out of the corner of our eye, we see a couple of people running into the water carrying what appears to be a tree on their back. That’s what we figured would happen. They’ve disappeared under the water. Guess we’ll turn back now. The sea surely sank them.

Wait a second, who’s that waving to us on the other side of the sea? Could it be those people we saw running into the water? Did they really accomplish the TREE exchange? Did they survive what appeared a certain death of self-sacrifice?

Are you ready to dip a toe into The Outerblue Projects? Please join us in exchanging “A Tree for A Tree”.


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