RE-volution / The American Dreamed


CalltoArms Artwork by Mel Ryan

So, it made us. We received the TREE exchange and we’ve begun dipping our toes into The Owderblue Projects.

We admit it took a very long while to make the decision to jump.

It was hard to understand how moving to the other side of the boat to drop our nets would make any difference. It was hard to understand that all the while we’d been fishing; we were being consumed to try and catch the wrong fish. It just didn’t make sense to sell everything and give our lives to the poor. And so long as the course is required to make sense to our blindness, we just couldn’t seem to follow the directions. It seems that so long as the directions must fit into our vision, we are destined to be lost.

Regardless, it made us. We finally got lost enough to be found. We finally got so lost in the dizziness of chasing after the American Dream that we weren’t much resistance at all when the invitation found us and offered the TREE exchange. We traded in our paper idol and took our place under the cross branches.

We ran as fast as we could into the sea. We somehow turned away from the chains. We somehow found our way to the other side. And as we surveyed one another, we found ourselves in the midst of a spectacular revolution aimed directly at our rebellious clan. The RE-volutionary initiated us to spin the opposite direction and motioned us to return from where we came.

The revolution seemed to happen from the inside out. What a very odd battle strategy to our way of thinking. It is so far beyond us to think that freedom is to be delivered in us first instead of the other way around. Aren’t world powers supposed to collapse first? Aren’t economic systems going to fall by the wayside so that we may be free? Aren’t we going to make our first million or two in our American Dream ventures before we perhaps get turned around and sent back to help others?

Yet, beyond a doubt, the RE-volutionary we encountered made it quite clear that we had arrived to the truest of Independence Days. For on this day, the promise of an independence that would forever last, so long as we were receiving and extending, was granted us. Just before we took our commanded leave to follow, a couple of the people in our group inquired what we could do to repay for the freedom granted us. The Life just smiled, shook His head, and waved us on our way.

No longer bound by the chains of playing out a delusion for paper or chasing after the Big Apple, some may wonder what does the remainder of the journey hold in store. Truly though, it seems really obvious now. The remainder of the story is simple. History is culminating for one final resounding chorus, one final summation, and one final exclamation point. History is proving that He is! And The American Dreamed resonates that He is the RE-volutionary way out.

We’re off to develop the launchpad and onto the roadtrip carrying the message learned in part from The American Dreamed. We’re off to develop the launchpad in theSpace revolving towards The Owderblue Projects. Receive the invitation and join us.


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