Owderblue Go

Photo 13

Upon arriving to the island airport, we were greeted by our water taxi driver. He escorted us a couple of blocks over to his boat and then set out in the traffic lane to run us north about three miles. Cruising along near the shoreline, we began to see larger and larger resort style properties reminiscent of those we’ve seen stateside. Then he pulled us up to the Belizean Cove pictured above. Needless to say, we realized quickly that these international property hunters were on the trail of something pretty amazing. Between the ocean breeze, the numerous scuba excursions, the freshest seafood, the luxurious pools, and the friendly English speaking hosts, it felt like paradise. And considering that it’s a shorter flight than that which is required to get to Las Vegas or Orlando, we could see why so many people we met were from Houston, Dallas, LA and Chicago.


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