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Working Retirements?


What if my definition of “work” is wrong?

My definition of “work” has been WRONG. Today, my personal definition of work is:

Keep learning and keep improving in the application of said learning

What if my definition of “work” has been wrong ever since I first learned the definition of “work”?

As previously stated, for me anyways, my definition has always been WRONG. I previously thought that there was a point of graduation or “retirement” if you will. Today, I’m more certain than ever that “time and tide wait for no man”. Today, I even try to make room for this definition to be WRONG and require rework.

We may think of retirement as a period of “no work”. But, it seems that we may be confusing retirement with death. So do not dismay, although retirement does appear to have some work requirements, these requirements are carried out alive. 🙂 RETIRE ON!


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