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Can one choose retirement from day one of adulthood?

Sure. After many years of taking part in the Banker’s pursuit for the golden parachute and taking part in the Banker’s chase for the brass ring, it is far more obvious now that there was really little reason to chase these things. You can have everything that the brass and gold items bring in trade and even then some, if you just seek the trade items first.

So, why did it take so long to see this was an option?

There is just something alluring about shiny, flashy objects that distract our attention. Sort of like a kitten toying with a fluorescent yarn ball or bass chasing spinner bait, it seems we’re just drawn to the illusion. To answer the question, it took so long to see, because it took that long to make the empty catch.

Now, having come to better know myself personally along this route to retirement, I’m not sure that I would have believed that I could “Retire Sooner” than I did. But, I’m quite certain that others can “Retire Sooner” if they can choose to forgo the lessons that the Banker and I had to learn.

The whole story is summed up quite nicely in the “Parable of the Costa Rican Fisherman and the Banker”.

Today, the retirement questions before us are pretty clear:

Will we choose the route of the Costa Rican Fisherman?
Or, do we have to take the longer route of the Banker?

Whichever route you choose, it is our sincere hope that the final destination of your exploration will find you venturing to the retirement paradise of Costa Rica! Come join us. It’s Pura Vida!


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