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Retired – Now What?


It’s been a week since the retirement announcement and since receiving the watch. The watch is much appreciated. It’s a really nice gift. Thanks for the sign of affection.

Yet wondering, why a watch? So far, the only real use has been to tell how much time has passed since the announcement. Is this what’s left to do? Is all that is left to do is count the days going forward as they pass by?

Wondering why it wasn’t a surfboard or a guitar? Why not a rain poncho or hiking boots with the spikes built in so as to better stay dry and grab a hold of the side of the volcano when climbing at 11,000 feet?

Retirement should be the sweet adventurous music played when time no longer holds the puppet strings. Retirement should be that special moment when time serves up the coffee. Sure, the sun still rises and sets. Each new day is most definitely a gift and a treasure in the reality that it is happening.

Yet, the even better gift is the realization of what retirement really means. Retirement means that time is now on our side and has surrendered its fearful hold on us. If we have no more tomorrows, okay. If we do though, then we can invest it or spend it or rest in it whichever we choose. Retirement means we’ve won over time.

Perhaps, the watch was meant as a trophy to signify the victory over time? If this is the case, thanks for the trophy and the recognition! Time is back in our pocket for now.

It is so exciting to answer the question – “Now what?” – placing the emphasis on NOW instead of WHAT. It is so exciting to have jumped off the hamster wheel to learn of our victory over the rat race against time. It is so amazing to learn that the victory came not from being better runners of the wheel, but simply by getting off the not so merry-go-round.

Just to let you in on the secret confirmed here in the first week, the trophy watch is yours for the taking too. Step off the wheel and step towards paradise. Costa Rica continues awaiting your arrival.


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