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RE-tirement RE-creation


So, we’re back from the breakaway. What a week! This retirement life has got the goods.

However, as promised earlier, we’re not immune to understanding that we have to keep pedaling the cycle just a little. As we mentioned, retirement for us is a state of mind that means we’ve got back the clock. It’s tucked in our pocket, remember? Still, it isn’t going to hurt to do a little investing, help start a few businesses, make some contacts in the communities around the world and spread some economic good fortune. Nowhere in the retirement playbook does it say we have to give up doing something that we love so much…growing businesses. The playbook just says do it smarter and don’t get so uptight. There’s still time to catch a few fish, play the guitar, take up a glass or two of your favorite beverage, and dance with your girl under the stars.

We’ve joined the Costa Rican fisherman in perspective, but we’re still fishing where we know the waters. And where we know the waters is what you’re going to find in theSpace. Today marks the grand opening of theSpace global HQ in Costa Rica. Of course, what other day but April Fool’s Day makes good sense to undertake such an adventure. So, we’re doing it! It’s now open! Come join the RoadtripN and come see theSpace – Costa Rica. We’re waiting in the lounge chair for your arrival.


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